Experience Kiruna from the sled behind the dogs

We organize an unforgettable dog sledding trip.

Dog sled in Kiruna

If you have not ridden a dog sled before, the experience will be unforgettable. The cooperation between man and dog has been going on for several centuries and has been vital. An interaction where man’s best friend played a crucial role in how we evolved and survived. Here you travel quietly along the ground and experience the wilderness in a new way, without either connection or stress.

Dog sledding is a fantastic destination that everyone masters and that our indigenous people have used since time immemorial. The tours are personal offering beautiful scenery, magnificent views and history of Kiruna.

Packages to suit all visits

Dog sledding is an activity that suits the whole family, the staff at a corporate event, kick-off or for those of you who have never experienced northern Sweden. Our winter landscape is perfect for dog sledding and through close collaborations with local actors, we offer fantastic dog sledding tours in open landscapes.

The tours are led by professional guides who have extensive experience of dog sledding, guiding and tourism.

Equipment and upholstery

All tours start from Jukkasjärvi, about 20 km from Kiruna. You will be picked up at the hotel and equipment such as shoes, overalls, gloves are included in all tours.

Choose from tours of a few hours to long adventures with overnight stays.

We tailor a package that fits based on the length of your stay and your wishes. In addition, you can combine your dog sledding trip with other activities with us.

Dog sled with Hotel E10

Fast-paced, exciting and an absolutely incredible experience!