General information


Welcome to us at Hotel E10. The hotel rooms are available from 3 p.m.

ATM machine

The ATM and Minuten are at Stora Coop on the other side of the road from the hotel.


Contact reception for assistance.

The bar is open:

Monday-Thursday at 11.00-22.00
Friday and Saturday at 11.00-20.00
Sunday at 11.00-20.00


The breakfast buffet is served in the restaurant.
Monday-Friday 05.30-09.00
Saturday-Sunday 07.30-10.00

If you need an earlier breakfast, contact reception.


We follow Visita’s guidelines for booking and cancellation. For example. cancellation of accommodation must take place no later than 24 hours before arrival. For further information on Visita’s guidelines.

Charge card

All common payment cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express are accepted.

Check out

Happens at 11.00 at the latest.
Luggage storage is available in the lobby and is free of charge.


Our reception is happy to provide information regarding religious services.


You can help us reduce our environmental impact by forgoing daily cleaning during your stay with us.
For those of you staying with us for longer than one night, this means that we will no longer automatically clean your room. But if you want us to clean, hang out the sign “Please clean the room” in the morning.


See Internet.


In the event of a complaint or error report, contact the reception.

Conference room

Available to rent and more information about our conference can be read here. Contact reception for booking.


If you want to copy, contact the reception.


Available to borrow at reception.


For currency exchange, we refer you to one of the banks in the center of New Kiruna.


Check-out no later than 11 a.m.

Drinking water

The tap water is drinkable.


220 volts is standard for the hotel outlets, with the exception of the bathroom outlet which is designed for 110 volts (shaver only). Plug adapters can be borrowed at reception.


Found in the stairwell on the lower floor and at the beginning of the corridor on the second floor.

Emergency situations

In case of sudden illness, accidents, fire etc. contact the reception or call +112

Emergency exits

There are several emergency exits on each floor: These exits are marked with green signs. In case of fire, DO NOT use the elevators. See escape plan on the inside of the door.


Our partners must be encouraged to be environmentally aware and our customers must be made aware of environmentally friendly alternatives when they can be offered. All employees must be informed about our environmental policy and participate in the environmental work.


Can be ordered via reception.


There are several gyms in Kiruna such as Actic at Adolf Hedinsvägen 37 and Gymmet at Österleden 12. For opening hours and prices visit their websites; and


There is a luggage room at the entrance. The hotel is not responsible for luggage left in the luggage room. If you want help with your luggage, contact reception.


Shared women’s and men’s saunas are on the lower level, at the bottom of the corridor. Tell the reception and the staff will turn on the sauna. You bring the towel from the room, tell reception if you want more towels. It is possible to rent a bathrobe.

Ticket service

For plane, train and bus tickets please contact our reception or visit the tour operator’s website, see below. , ,
Guest computers can be borrowed at the reception.

Fire safety

There is a smoke alarm in or just outside your room. Please study the fire instructions/evacuation plan on the inside of your room door. Also read Hotel Safety.


Stora Coop, Ö&B, Clas Ohlson, Rusta, Björkis Hundcenter, Jysk, Intersport and Kvantum are within walking distance of the hotel. About 20 minutes’ walk to the new center of Kiruna, where there are also a number of well-stocked shops.

Additional equipment

Pillows, blankets, towels, bed linen, soap, sewing accessories, shoe polish, cots etc. If you want any of these, contact reception.

Bottle opener

A bottle opener must be available in each room. If it is missing in your room, contact reception.


A number of men’s and women’s hairdressers can be found around the new center of Kiruna. The reception will be happy to help you book an appointment.

Hair dryer

Should be in every room, if you miss it, it can be borrowed at the reception.


The hotel is equipped with wireless Internet. This is free of charge. Contact the reception to get a password. If you don’t have a computer with you, there is a guest computer at the reception.


Collected from the bar.


There are irons and ironing boards on each floor in the corridor.


The kiosk at the reception offers postcards, drinks, snacks, sandwiches and toiletries.

Laundry service

If you want to wash, there is a laundry room. Price for washing is SEK 40/machine. If you wish to hand in your laundry, please use the bag on the hat shelf.

Medical care/Dental care

The phone number for Kiruna health center is +46 980 126 02 or +46 980 131 55 .

The phone number for Folktandvården in Kiruna +46 980 170 99 . For further information and assistance, contact our reception.


Newspapers are available for loan at reception and in the breakfast room.

Night entrance

When the reception is closed, the night entrance can be used for entry and exit (located on the lower level). Remember to bring your room key so you can enter through the front door, which is locked. If you forget or lose your room key and need help to get into the hotel room, you as a guest contact Securitas who will come and open. For this they charge SEK 1500.


At the reception there are plasters, hygiene items etc. The nearest pharmacy is on the other side of the road inside Stora Coop. Non-prescription medicines are also available at Stora Coop and OK/Q8, which are on the other side of the road from the hotel.


The hotel has its own free outdoor parking. It is possible to rent engine heaters at a cost, contact reception for more information. There are also four charging stations for electric cars for a fee. Download the Monta app where payment is made.


We have rooms where we allow pets. Booked before arrival. Cleaning fee is added.

The reception is open:

Monday-Thursday at 05.30-22.00
Friday at 05.30-20.00
Saturday at 07.30-20.00
Sunday at 07.30-20.00

The reception is closed at night, for questions or concerns you can call +46 980 84 000 .

The restaurant is open:

Monday-Thursday at 11.00-22.00
Friday-Sunday at 11.00-20.00
The kitchen closes 1 hour before closing.


By phone call +46 980 84000 .
Via email:
Online: Book here


The entire hotel is non-smoking. There are designated places outside the hotel where you can smoke. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all indoor premises of the hotel. When smoking in the hotel room, SEK 1,500 is charged. In the event that the fire brigade has to respond to a fire alarm caused by smoking in the room, an additional SEK 5,500 will be charged.

Snowmobile trail

A marked snowmobile trail runs right outside the hotel. A snowmobile trail map is available for purchase at reception. It is also possible to rent scooters, contact reception for more information.


Kiruna Taxi +46 980120 20
For help booking a taxi, contact the reception.

Telephone services

Phones can be borrowed at reception.


Various toiletries are available for purchase at the reception.

Tobacco products

Snuff and cigarettes are not sold at the hotel.

Transport to plane/train

There is a local bus stop within walking distance of the hotel. Bus timetables and prices can be found here.

Länstrafiken’s buses, which go to Jukkasjärvi and the Ice Hotel, among other things, are on the other side of the street from the hotel. Bus timetable available at
Contact reception for more information.

Tourist office

Kiruna Turistbyrå can be found in New Kiruna Center, Malmvägen 9B. Phone number: +46 980 18880. Feel free to visit their website , where you can, among other things, book guided tours to the LKAB visitor centre. For opening hours see their website by clicking here , or contact reception.

TV channels

SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, Kunskaps-/barnkanalen, TV 3, TV 4, channel 5, Seven, channel 8 & channel 9

For further questions, our reception staff will be happy to help.


Welcome to contact us for more information and to book on +46 980 840 00 or by e-mail

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our guests and the answers to them. If you do not find answers to your questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we will be at your service.

What time can you check in and when is check out?

Check-in is from 15:00 and check-out is at 11:00

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have a large parking lot next to the hotel. We have four parking spaces with charging points for electric cars (cost of electricity). There are also places for engine heaters that can be rented. The parking spaces and engine heater spaces are subject to availability and cannot be booked. You may only park within designated parking slots.

How do I find you?

Our address: Lastvägen 9, 981 38 Kiruna

Is it possible to go to you by public transport?

Local buses stop right outside the hotel. For timetables see
You buy a ticket on the bus, card payment only.

When is breakfast served?

The breakfast buffet is served in the restaurant Mon-Fri at 05.30-09.00 and Sat-Sun at 07.30- 10.00. Deviating times may occur.

Are dogs/pets allowed at your hotel?

Dogs are welcome to stay with us. However, we have a limited number of dog rooms. Contact the reception to check availability or to book. The cost is SEK 200 extra for the dog.

Is the hotel handicap accessible?

There is a lift and few thresholds in the hotel.

Do you have a gym at the hotel?

No, on the other side of the street from the hotel you will find Gymmet Gym & Fitness.

Can we come and just have breakfast at your place?

Yes, a very excellent idea. The cost of our breakfast buffet is SEK 110 per person. Children 3 – 12 years: SEK 60.

Do you have luggage room?

Yes, we have a locked luggage room. However, the hotel is not responsible for the luggage you leave there.

What are your cancellation policies?

Cancellation must be made no later than 6pm the day before arrival. If you do not show up without cancellation or cancel later than 6 pm, you must pay for one day. If the hotel incurred special costs due to your booking, you will be liable for compensation for these. The room is guaranteed until 6:00 p.m., please notify us of late arrivals. Group bookings have different cancellation rules. Contact our reception for more information if needed.

Do you have an age limit at your hotel?

Yes, the hotel has a 20 year limit. Younger people in the company of a guardian or with the guardian’s consent.

Do you have bikes to borrow/rent?

No, unfortunately no bikes to borrow/rent. In summer, it is possible to rent electric bicycles and, which are located around Kiruna.

Are there laundry facilities at the hotel?

Yes, we have laundry facilities at the hotel. The laundry room is only available to hotel guests.

Is there an exercise track near the hotel?

The Lombolo exercise track is about 2km from the hotel. In winter, there are ski tracks.

Is there free WIFI?

Yes, the hotel has Wi-Fi.