The midnight sun

100 summer days in a row without darkness
A natural phenomenon

Midnight sun in Kiruna

Kiruna and Norrbotten are known for their midnight sun. For 47 days between 27 May and 14 July, the sun does not set below the horizon but is at its lowest at 00:40. Here you get long summer days with 100 days in a row without darkness.

What is the midnight sun?

The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon during the summer when the sun never sets below the horizon and is visible around the clock.

Where can I experience the midnight sun?

The further north you go, the further the midnight sun shines. That is why Kiruna is a good place with optimal conditions for midnight sun.

Experience the midnight sun at Hotel E10

You will experience the midnight sun throughout Kiruna. On the mountain Luossavaara which is 724 meters above sea level, you experience the mountain world, the city and the light phenomenon at the same time. Here, the municipality organizes lift rides to the top a few times a week and the lifts are usually open from midsummer. Luossavaara is about 10 minutes by car from the hotel or 40 minutes walk.