Northern Lights

A light phenomenon across the sky between August and April.
A heavenly light phenomenon

Northern lights in Kiruna

Kiruna is located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and is Sweden’s northernmost city and one of the world’s largest municipalities. Here you have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis as it is the Latin name) during the winter months. To see forecasts for the Northern Lights and when the opportunity exists to experience them, visit the Aurorareach website here.

Experiencing the northern lights in Kiruna is a powerful feeling

What are the Northern Lights?

An aurora borealis is a light phenomenon across the sky that appears in different colors. White and green are the most common colors. The colors are determined by which atoms in the atmosphere the space particles collide with.


Why do the Northern Lights occur?

An aurora occurs when charged particles from the sun and space fall towards the earth and collide with gas particles in the earth’s magnetic field which is what protects the earth. The particles then enter our atmosphere and over the South and North Poles, which is when the southern and northern lights occur.


Why is Kiruna a good place for the Northern Lights?

The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth and is located in the Arctic, which is the entire region north of the Arctic Circle. Here, the chances of seeing the northern lights are high. Kiruna is therefore a perfect place with its geographical location high up in northern Sweden to be able to experience the northern lights.


North of the Arctic Circle, the northern lights are called the northern lights and can be experienced in Kiruna in northern Sweden

When can I experience the Northern Lights?

When the sky is clear and it’s dark outside, during our winter months, that’s when you have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. We have also seen the northern lights between August and April.


Aurora Borealis

Aurora (or Aurora which is the Latin name) is a common name for southern lights and northern lights. The aurora borealis occurs around the clock, all year round and is easiest to see when it is dark outside.

Experience the Northern Lights at Hotel E10

You can experience the Northern Lights all over Kiruna. On the mountain Luossavaara, which is 724 meters above sea level, you experience the mountain world, the city and the light phenomenon at the same time. Luossavaara is approximately 10 minutes by car from the hotel or 40 minutes on foot. Our dog sled packages include northern lights tours.

In Kiruna, you best experience the northern lights when the sky is clear and dark