What to do in Kiruna

Magnificent mountains, midnight sun and Sweden’s highest mountain.

This is Kiruna

7 things to do in Kiruna

1. Three-Country Cairn. About 180 kilometers north of Kiruna you will find Treriksröset, where the borders between Norway, Sweden and Finland meet. Visiting this unique geographical point is an experience well worth planning for if you have a few extra days available. If you choose to travel there by car, we can offer you directions and information. Alternatively, if you prefer to take the bus, we also have information that may be helpful.

2. Esrange Space Center. About 45 kilometers northeast of Kiruna is the Esrange Space Center, an area for rockets and research that has carried out about 3 rocket launches per year since 1966. If you are interested in visiting this exciting center, you can get more information and book your visit at their website.

 3. LKAB:s Visitor Centre. A must on your trip is a visit to the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, which is an impressive sight. This mine is part of LKAB’s Visitor Center and extends a full 540 meters underground. Here you can explore exhibitions, watch interesting films and familiarize yourself with advanced machines. This visit gives you a unique opportunity to gain insight into the modern mining industry. To book a visit, visit Kirunalapland.se.

4. Rissajaure or Trollsjön. Lake Trollsjön, or Rissajaure, is a natural treasure in the beautiful Abisko region about 120 km from Kiruna. Its Sami name, “the lake that glitters like fire,” is a poetic description of its crystal clear waters, which give the lake a spectacular shimmer in the sunlight. It is truly one of the most fascinating lakes in Sweden in terms of its water quality. For those interested in exploring the area, the hike to Trollsjön is a memorable experience. The hike starts directly at the road and takes you through the beautiful landscape in the vicinity of Abisko. On the way, you can enjoy the fresh air and the spectacular nature. The hiking trail is approximately 10 kilometers round trip, so it is a reasonably strenuous excursion.

5. Luossavaara. The mountain is a unique natural attraction that is literally in the middle of the city. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing in the heart of Kiruna. It is hard not to be enchanted by the incomparable beauty of our surroundings with the mighty mountain landscape surrounding you.

6. Riksgränsen. About 140 kilometers from Kiruna, you will find Riksgränsen, which is known for its excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities. A perfect destination for those who like downhill skiing.

7. The new city center in Kiruna.The city transformation has been going on for a long time and Kiruna’s new city center was inaugurated on September 1, 2022. An alternative for those who don’t want to leave the city. There are both shopping opportunities and a range of restaurants here.

Trollsjön, about 120 kilometers from Kiruna.